Wishlist 2002 – Final Results

Readers’ Choice of new Figures and Vehicles in 1:72 scale

The purpose of this page is to encourage manufacturers to produce model kits that are most wanted by collectors, wargamers and hobbyists. Readers may submit proposals for new and interesting plastic figure sets, vehicles or buildings which they think should be available at their local hobby shop soon. The Wishlist is voted on, and submitted to 1:72 scale manufacturers annually.

Items 1 through 390 are ranked by popularity, based on 6207 votes submitted by 31.JAN.2001. Numbers in brackets indicate a previous wishlist ranking. Some entries may be vacant, because manufacturers released the suggested item or are in the process of doing so.

Proposals numbered 391 and higher are new items which have not been ranked yet. The entire list is being voted on again at this time. Please use the e-mail functions at the bottom of this page to cast your vote on the items listed here, and to submit a new proposal for the Wishlist 2005.

  1. Korean War US Marines and Chinese
  2. Boxeraufstand Chinese/European armies
  3. Franco-Prussian War Troops
  4. 1750s era Irokesen, Huron, British infantry, French infantry
  5. Napoleonische Kriege: Prussian General Staff
  6. Napoleonische Kriege: Ammunition Wagons
  7. Wikinger und Drachenschiffe
  8. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Italians (North Africa)
  9. Erster Weltkrieg: Britische Infanterie (Stahlhelm), incl. Lewis Gunners
  10. Jacobite Highlanders (1715 and 1745 Rebellions) vs. British-Hanoverians
  11. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Polish Infantry, 1939
  12. Cheap, accurate, and fully assembled 1:72 scale vehicles and guns
  13. Napoleonische Kriege: Spanish Troops
  14. Nassau infantry at Waterloo
  15. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Romanian Infantry
  16. Napoleonische Kriege: casualty figures and ambulance wagons
  17. Napoleonische Kriege: British/Allied General Staff, Waterloo 1815
  18. Samurai
  19. Napoleonische Kriege: Polish Infantry
  20. Erster Weltkrieg: Russian infantry
  21. Napoleonische Kriege: Russian General Staff
  22. Modern Wars: Israelis
  23. Asterix der Gallier gegen die Römer
  24. Modern Wars: Riot police, mounted police, SWAT, K-9, and beat cops.
  25. Napoleonische Kriege: French horse artillery of the line
  26. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Imperial Japanese Marines
  27. Britisch-Amerikanischer Krieg: US Infantry
  28. Erster Weltkrieg: Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck, German infantry and Askaris
  29. Antike: Assyrians
  30. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Italian Bersaglieri with Guzzi motorcycles (African Campaign)
  31. Napoleonische Kriege: Portuguese Line Infantry and Cazadores
  32. Napoleonische Kriege: French foot artillery
  33. Erster Weltkrieg: Turkish Troops
  34. Napoleonische Kriege: Austrian artillery im Zweispitz, with spare heads wearing Tschakos.
  35. Modern Wars: Russischer Mittlerer Panzer T-55
  36. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Norwegian Army, 1940
  37. 1750s French & Indian Wars: Rogers’ Rangers
  38. Amerikanischer Bürgerkrieg: Personalities
  39. Modern Wars: Terrorists and victims
  40. Kolonialkriege: British Camelry and Lancers
  41. Spanischer Bürgerkrieg: Nationalists, Italians, Republicans, Foreign Vols.
  42. 18th Century Sailors, Marines, Naval Officers, and Piraten
  43. Ancients: Hellenistic infantry & cavalry
  44. Napoleonische Kriege: French infantry with ladders, attacking La Haye Sainte
  45. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Italian paratroopers
  46. American Revolutionary War: Hessian, British, and American Artillery
  47. Modern Wars: British SAS, German GSG 9, Snipers, SEALS and other modern special forces
  48. Napoleonische Kriege: Austrian General Staff
  49. Napoleonische Kriege: Russian Horse Artillery mit Helmen
  50. Napoleons Junge Garde
  51. Modern: Civilian cars and trucks.
  52. Napoleonische Kriege: Austro-Hungarian Infantry im Tschako
  53. Modern Wars: French AMX-30 MBT
  54. Zweiter Weltkrieg: early Germans and Russians in Winter Greatcoats
  55. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Soviet T-26 with T-26.A, T-26.B, and OT-26 turret variants.
  56. Napoleonische Kriege: Prussian Hussars
  57. Ancient Warships
  58. 1066 Norman Cavalry (supplementing the incomplete Revell Normans)
  59. Renaissance: Landsknechte
  60. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Archer Tank Destroyer in 1:72 scale (17 pdr on Valentine chassis)
  61. Antike: Huns
  62. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Soviet Tank Riders
  63. 1898 Spanish American War: Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders and US Army.
  64. Kolonialkriege: Canadian Mounties (North West Mounted Police).
  65. Napoleonische Kriege: French Marines de la Garde 1805 with trimmed jackets
  66. Renaissance: Turkish Janissaries
  67. Scottish Gaels (Highlanders) ca. 1640–1746
  68. Zweiter Weltkrieg: American Seabees
  69. Ancients: Parthians – Rome’s eastern opponents, cavalry and infantry
  70. Kolonialkriege: Italian, French, and German marines
  71. Napoleonische Kriege: Spanish General Staff
  72. Erster Weltkrieg: Italian infantry and artillery
  73. Zweiter Weltkrieg: British Cromwell Tank
  74. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Polish cavalry and horse-artillery
  75. Medieval Knights and men at arms c. 1200–1300
  76. Modern Wars: Arab Armies* (ESCI planned to do them)
  77. Ancient Israelites
  78. Ancient Persians, including Chariots
  79. Irish and Scottish Gaels ca. 1500–1600 vs. English
  80. Modern Wars: M 1025 Hummer
  81. Napoleonische Kriege: Prussian Horse Artillery
  82. Napoleonische Kriege: Preußische Kürassiere 1808–1815
  83. Napoleonische Kriege: Spanish Guerillas
  84. 19th Century: Civilians (Napoleonic)
  85. Kolonialkriege: British Highlanders (Sudan War/Boer War)
  86. Napoleonische Kriege: Brunswick Hussars, 1815
  87. World War Two Finnish Infantry: Winter War 1939–1940, with Maxim MGs,
  88. World War Two Weapons: Panzerfaust, Panzerschreck, PIAT, Bazooka, stick bombs, mines etc
  89. Zweiter Weltkrieg: British AEC armoured car with 75 mm gun turret
  90. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Vickers-Carden-Loyd Mk.VI tank
  91. Amerikanischer Bürgerkrieg: Mule Train
  92. American Revolutionary War: American and British Cavalry
  93. Erster Weltkrieg: Austrians
  94. World War Two Finnish Infantry: Continuation War 1941–1944, with Maxim MGs, Lahti M39 AT-Rifles
  95. Zweiter Weltkrieg: British Sexton Self-Propelled Gun (25 pdr. on Sherman)
  96. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Porsche-Tiger II (VK4501 II)
  97. Modern Wars: US M109 SP Howitzer (complete with the M992 FAASV)
  98. Stone Age humans, fauna and flora
  99. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Chinese infantry opposing the Japanese invasion
  100. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Japanese Aircraft Carrier flight deck crew
  101. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Japanese Ka-Tsu (Type 4) Amphibious Tank (Navy)
  102. 17th Century Pirates, British and French Sailors
  103. 18th Century Boats and Ships
  104. 19th Century: naval cannon, including shielded and deck-mounted 9-pounders, and 12-pounders.
  105. Ancient Americans: Incas, Mayas, Zapotecs, Aztecs and their enemies
  106. Ancient Philistines
  107. Antike: Roman Civilians
  108. Antike: Römische Gladiatoren
  109. Burenkrieg: British infantry, cavalry and artillery
  110. Kolonialkriege: Gurkhas, und Punjab Frontier Force Infanterie
  111. Crimean War: division commanders of British, French, Russian and Piedmontese forces
  112. English Civil War: Ironsides, Roundheads, Cavaliers, etc. (1642–1646)
  113. Eskimo/Inuit with motor- and dogsleds, Kajaks, iglus and artic wildlife
  114. Modern Wars: French Foreign Legion
  115. Modern Wars: NATO Artillery
  116. Modern Wars: US/NATO M47 tank
  117. Napoleonische Kriege: discarded weapons and equipment, ammo boxes, spent cannonballs
  118. Napoleonische Kriege: Dutch Horse and Foot Artillery at Waterloo
  119. Napoleonische Kriege: Französische Linien-Infanterie, 1805–1807, mit Zweispitz und Bärenfellmütze
  120. Napoleonische Kriege: Saxon cavalry
  121. Napoleonische Kriege: Saxon infantry
  122. Renaissance: Siege of Vienna (1683)
  123. Russo-Japanese War: Infantry and artillery, 1904–1905
  124. Sci-Fi Armies: Martians in Space 1889.
  125. Seven Years’ War: Austrian Hussars
  126. Siebenjähriger Krieg: Prussian artillery
  127. Vietnamkrieg: Australian SAS
  128. War of Spanish Succession (1701–14): French and British troops
  129. Erster Weltkrieg: Mule Train
  130. Erster Weltkrieg: Anzacs (slouch hats, puttees)
  131. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Allied Scorpion (mine clearing) attachment for tanks
  132. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Brazilian infantry at Anzio, Italy 1943.
  133. Zweiter Weltkrieg: complete standard infantry platoon TO&E boxed set, any nation and troop type
  134. Zweiter Weltkrieg: German Head Hunters with Nimbus 20 mm anti-tank motorcycle
  135. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Soviet MAXIM 4.M anti-aircraft mounting and crew
  136. 1750s French & Indian Wars: Fort Ticonderoga
  137. American Revolutionary War: American Minutemen, Militia, and State Troops
  138. Fantasy Armies: Elves, Dwarves, Goblins, Skeletons etc.
  139. Latin American Wars of Independence 1816–1821 (vs. Spain)
  140. Modern Wars: U.S. MLRS
  141. Napoleonische Kriege: British King’s German Legion light infantry
  142. Pharaonic Egyptians and their enemies (compatible with Atlantic)
  143. US-Mexican War of 1846–1848
  144. World War Two Partizans and Resistance (Greek/French)
  145. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Pilots and Crew figures for 1:72 Aircraft
  146. 19th Century Divers
  147. Amerikanischer Bürgerkrieg: Dismounted Cavalry
  148. Ancients: German tribal warriors
  149. Ancients: Seleucid troops
  150. Ancients: Soldiers of Atlantis, based on the painting in the New York Metropolitan Museum
  151. Kolonialkriege: The Alamo
  152. Crimean War: British Guards and Highlanders
  153. Medieval: 15th Century Artillery
  154. Medieval: Baggage Wagons and Stores
  155. Medieval: Knights at a tournament, mit Turnierhelmen
  156. Medieval: Wars of the Roses infantry, knights and commanders
  157. Modern War: American Seabees
  158. Modern War: Generic Infantry, i.e. not identifiable as one particular army
  159. Modern War: Listening Post
  160. Modern Wars: Airbase Fuel Truck and Fire Engine with Equipment
  161. Modern Wars: Bundeswehr 155 mm Feldhaubitze M1
  162. Modern Wars: Italian Bersaglieri
  163. Modern Wars: Mexican Army (compatible with Twilight 2000)
  164. Modern Wars: Military and Civilian Firefighters and EMS Personnel
  165. Modern Wars: Military and Civilian Scuba-Divers
  166. Modern Wars: US Engineers
  167. Modern Wars: US Mountain Troops
  168. Napoleonische Kriege: Österreichische Dragoner
  169. Napoleonische Kriege: Austrian Kürassiers
  170. Napoleonische Kriege: Österreichische Ulanen
  171. Napoleonische Kriege: British Horse Artillery 1815
  172. Napoleonische Kriege: Cavalerie au repos (resting)
  173. Napoleonische Kriege: Limber Teams and Riders
  174. Napoleonische Kriege: Portuguese Artillery
  175. Napoleonische Kriege: Portuguese Cavalry
  176. Napoleonische Kriege: Prussian Garde-Jäger-Corps
  177. Napoleonische Kriege: Prussian Grenadiere, Musketiere und Füsiliere 1806
  178. Napoleonische Kriege: Prussian Lützow Freikorps Infantry
  179. Napoleonische Kriege: Russische Husaren
  180. Russischer Bürgerkrieg: Red Army cavalry with tachanka
  181. Russischer Bürgerkrieg: Red Army infantry
  182. Russischer Bürgerkrieg: White Army cavalry
  183. Russischer Bürgerkrieg: White Army infantry and Maxim MG
  184. Dreißigjähriger Krieg: Baggage Wagons and Stores
  185. Dreißigjähriger Krieg: Kaiserlicher Generalstab: Tilly, Wallenstein, und andere
  186. Dreißigjähriger Krieg: Schwedischer Generalstab: Gustav Adolf und andere
  187. Britisch-Amerikanischer Krieg: Canadian Voltigeurs
  188. Britisch-Amerikanischer Krieg: Iroquois
  189. Erster Weltkrieg: Arab Infantry and Cavalry
  190. Erster Weltkrieg: Russian armoured train
  191. Erster Weltkrieg: Russian artillery
  192. Erster Weltkrieg: Russian cavalry
  193. Erster Weltkrieg: Russische Kosaken in Sommeruniformen
  194. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Britische Infanterie – Egyptian Expeditionary Force
  195. Zweiter Weltkrieg: British King’s African Rifles
  196. Zweiter Weltkrieg: British Light Artillery – Egyptian Expeditionary Force
  197. Zweiter Weltkrieg: British Staff Car (Humber, etc)
  198. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Canadian RAM Tank
  199. Zweiter Weltkrieg: German 170 mm Howitzer
  200. Zweiter Weltkrieg: German 210 mm Howitzer
  201. Zweiter Weltkrieg: German and British Midget Submarines and manned Torpedoes
  202. Zweiter Weltkrieg: German Armoured Flak Vehicle
  203. Zweiter Weltkrieg: German Bergepanther
  204. Zweiter Weltkrieg: German Bergetiger
  205. Zweiter Weltkrieg: German Jagdtiger
  206. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Deutsche Marineinfanterie 1945
  207. Zweiter Weltkrieg: German Naval Infantry (Poland, Channel Islands, Dieppe, Brest)
  208. Zweiter Weltkrieg: German Panzer E-100
  209. Zweiter Weltkrieg: German Panzer II (Luchs)
  210. Zweiter Weltkrieg: German Panzer IV Ausf. D
  211. Zweiter Weltkrieg: German Panzer IV Ausf. E
  212. Zweiter Weltkrieg: German Panzer Maus
  213. Zweiter Weltkrieg: German Sturmpanzer IV
  214. Zweiter Weltkrieg: German Typ II U-Boot and Crew
  215. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Kosaken der Wehrmacht
  216. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Greek Partizans
  217. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Italian Carro Veloce L3/35
  218. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Italian Cavalry
  219. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Italian Tanks and Assault Guns
  220. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Soviet T-37 amphibious tank
  221. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Yugoslav Chetniks and Partizans
  222. 1866 Saxons, Bavarians, Württembergers, Prussians, Danes, and Austrians
  223. Ancient Egyptians, incl chariots
  224. Ancients: Late Romans
  225. Ancients: Trojan War era castle, incl siege towers, chariots, large weapons
  226. British Indian Wars (1900)
  227. Kolonialkriege: Afghan infantry, cavalry, and snipers with long Jezzail on bipod
  228. Kolonialkriege: Austrian, French, and Russian sailors
  229. Kolonialkriege: Französische Fremdenlegion in Mexiko, 1862–1867
  230. Kolonialkriege: Pershing Expedition into Mexico, 1916–1917
  231. Fantasy troop types, Orcs, Trolls, Goblins, etc.
  232. Fantasy: Bi-pedal supernatural rodent warriors with separate ancient to sci-fi weapons
  233. Fantasy: Multi-purpose skeleton warriors with separate ancient to sci-fi weapons
  234. Medieval Moors
  235. Mexican Revolution – General Francisco Villa, Emiliano Zapata, 1914
  236. Modern Wars: British Navy Hovercraft, Naval Landing Party, and Marines
  237. Modern Wars: Futuristic infantry in self-propelled PITMAN body armour
  238. Modern Wars: Modern Finnish Infantry/UN: w. M62 LMGs and assault rifles, Apilas AT, M90 SLAM-mines
  239. Modern Wars: U.S. LAV-25
  240. Napoleonische Kriege: British Light Dragoons mit Tarleton-Helm oder Tschako
  241. Napoleonische Kriege: French Line/Légère Infantry in Greatcoats (late war)
  242. Napoleonische Kriege: Württemberg Jägers and Light Infantry 1811–1815
  243. Napoleonische Kriege: Württemberg Line Infantry and Füsiliers 1808–1812
  244. Sci-Fi Armies: Marines, Space Pirates, AFVs, Hovercraft, heavy weapons etc.
  245. Sci-Fi Armies: Star Trek Personalities
  246. Erster Weltkrieg: German Stosstruppen
  247. Erster Weltkrieg: US Artillery 1918, mit Stahlhelm M.1916
  248. Zweiter Weltkrieg: British AEC Dorchester Armoured Command Vehicle
  249. Zweiter Weltkrieg: German Brummbär Assault Tank with 15 cm Howitzer
  250. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Tank, assault gun, and carrier crew of all nations.
  251. 18th Century: Civilians (ca. 1750)
  252. 19th Century: gunboat suitable for ACW to Colonial Wars
  253. Amerikanischer Bürgerkrieg: Walking wounded with support, men falling, wounded sitting, medics, etc
  254. American Revolutionary War: Artillery
  255. American Revolutionary War: British and American Light Infantry
  256. American Revolutionary War: British grenadier, light and line infantry with cut down caps and coats
  257. American Revolutionary War: Brunswick infantry and dismounted dragoons.
  258. American Revolutionary War: Hessische Musketiere, Füsiliere, und Grenadiere
  259. Antike: Ninjas
  260. Antike: Polynesians
  261. Antike: Wikinger Skolbold women warriors
  262. Ancients: Byzantine Army 500–800, compatible with DBA
  263. Ancients: Byzantine Army 800–1200, compatible with DBA
  264. Ancients: Roman chariots for chariot races
  265. Burenkrieg: Boer artillery
  266. Burenkrieg: Buren, mounted and on foot
  267. Kolonialkriege: Britische Naval Brigade mit Artillerie und Maschinengewehren
  268. Kolonialkriege: Imperial troops (not foreign or Juarist) fighting for Maximilian in Mexico, 1862–1867
  269. Kolonialkriege: Muslim cavalry and camelry to supplement ESCI’s muslim infantry
  270. Kolonialkriege: U.S. Cavalry 1900–1916
  271. Crimean Wars: British Lancers
  272. Dark Age peasants defending their settlement against Viking or Hun raiders.
  273. Dark Ages: Franks
  274. Decals for Pz I and Pz II, 222 & 234 armoured cars used by Chinese National Army
  275. Eighty Years’ War: Dutch (compatible with Conquistadores)
  276. Historic Characters: Julius Cesar, Charlemagne, Sun Tsu, Boudicca of the Iceni, Grace O’malley
  277. Kaiserzeit: German Kürassiere in the white uniform of 1900
  278. Modern Wars: 1:72 versions of Airfix 1/32 modern armies
  279. Modern Wars: 2S7 SO203 SOVIET SPG
  280. Modern Wars: Italian Alpini
  281. Modern Wars: American M2/M3 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle
  282. Modern Wars: British and Argentinian troops in the Falklands
  283. Modern Wars: French GCT self-propelled gun
  284. Modern Wars: Gurkhas
  285. Modern Wars: Iraqi troops
  286. Modern Wars: LARC-5
  287. Modern Wars: light and medium trucks
  288. Modern Wars: LVTP-6 and variants
  289. Modern Wars: M 151 Ford Mutt Jeep
  290. Modern Wars: M102 Howitzer
  291. Modern Wars: M50 ONTOS
  292. Modern Wars: Mercedes UNIMOG (1960’s type, as used by Portuguese forces in Africa)
  293. Modern Wars: NATO Mountain Troops
  294. Modern Wars: Rhodesian Selous scouts
  295. Modern Wars: Russian 152mm 2S3 self-propelled gun
  296. Modern Wars: Russian BRDM-2
  297. Modern Wars: Russischer BTR-60
  298. Modern Wars: Russischer leichter Schwimmpanzer PT-76
  299. Modern Wars: S.A.S. in black uniforms (re: Iranian embassy)
  300. Modern Wars: SA 15 GAUNTLET SAM
  301. Modern Wars: SA 8 GECKO SAM
  302. Modern Wars: SEALs, Rangers, LRRPs, Deltas
  303. Modern Wars: South African Rooikat AFV
  304. Modern Wars: South African, Portuguese and Rhodesian forces vs. UNITA, MPLA, SWAPO etc.
  305. Modern Wars: Soviet Naval Infantry
  306. Modern Wars: Soviet T-64
  307. Modern Wars: Swiss guards
  308. Modern Wars: U.S. Paratroopers
  309. Modern Wars: UN and NATO peacekeepers in Bosnia and Croatia
  310. Modern Wars: US M107/M110 SPG
  311. Modern Wars: US Marines in dress blues, guard band and color party.
  312. Modern Wars: Warsaw Pact Artillery
  313. Modern: Major league sports figures playing football, soccer, hockey etc.
  314. Modern Wars: NATO Airforce Personnel
  315. Modern Wars: Vietnamese Hooches
  316. Napoleonische Kriege: British and King’s German Legion Heavy Dragoons im Zweispitz
  317. Napoleonische Kriege: British Hussars
  318. Napoleonische Kriege: French and Italian troops for Napoleon’s first campaign in Italy
  319. Napoleonische Kriege: French Voltigeurs (1815) skirmishing
  320. Französische Revolutionskriege: Vendéekrieg (1793–1796)
  321. Napoleonische Kriege: Swedish General Staff
  322. Paraguayan War (1865–1870): Brazilian, Argentinian, Paraguayan and Uruguayan forces.
  323. Renaissance: Condottieri men at arms.
  324. Renaissance: Polish winged hussars
  325. Revell: please produce the discontinued figure sets again
  326. Sci-Fi Armies: 1:72 scale Figures for use with the original Traveller game.
  327. Siebenjähriger Krieg: Prussian Kürassiers
  328. Siebenjähriger Krieg: Die Kirche von Leuthen, 1757
  329. Spanischer Bürgerkrieg: Pilots of the Legion Condor
  330. US Frontier Wars: Dragoons, Cavalry and Mounted Rifles 1840–1850
  331. Vietnamkrieg: Early US Marines with M14 rifles
  332. Vietnamkrieg: Khmer Rouge
  333. Vietnamkrieg: Korean forces
  334. Vietnamkrieg: US Navy PBR Patrol Boat
  335. Vietnamkrieg: Vietnamese Civilians and ARVN troops
  336. War correspondants, photographers, newsmen, filmcrews, observers from various
  337. Britisch-Amerikanischer Krieg: American Dragoons, Militia, Artillery
  338. World War One/Russian Civil War: Czechoslovak legionnaires fighting in Siberia
  339. Erster Weltkrieg: Austrian cavalry
  340. Erster Weltkrieg: German artillery (crew in field caps to transcend 1914–18 headwear)
  341. Erster Weltkrieg: Model-T Ambulance
  342. Erster Weltkrieg: Soldiers on parade, guard, band, and colour guard of different nations.
  343. Erster Weltkrieg: U.S. Infantry im Stahlhelm (1917–41)
  344. Erster Weltkrieg: US Infantry 1918, mit Stahlhelm M.1916, HMG and LMG
  345. World War Two era civilian autombiles like the Tatra 97 or Tatra 87
  346. Zweiter Weltkrieg: American and Philippine troops 1941–1942, mit britischen Stahlhelmen
  347. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Artillery and Anti-Tank Gun Crews of all Nations
  348. Zweiter Weltkrieg: British Bedford Lorry
  349. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Canadian Chevy 15 cwt Transport
  350. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Chasseurs Ardennais Belges 1940
  351. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Chinese Nationalist and Communist Forces
  352. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Christee M.1931 flying tank of the Soviet Army
  353. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Civilians
  354. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Complete set of German Remote Controlled Demolition Vehicles and Operators
  355. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Czechoslovak/Slovak infantry im Stahlhelm vz.32
  356. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Dutch Infantry (1940) with LMG and Schwarzlose HMG
  357. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Dutch Pantserwagen M.39 (DAF P.T.3) Armoured Car
  358. Zweiter Weltkrieg: German Cavalry
  359. Zweiter Weltkrieg: German heavy support weapons, especially MG 131 and MG 151/20
  360. Zweiter Weltkrieg: German Motorcycle Troops
  361. Zweiter Weltkrieg: German tank hunters with AT rifles, mines, grenades etc, 1941–1945
  362. Zweiter Weltkrieg: German U-Boot crew and naval personnel
  363. Zweiter Weltkrieg: German Volkssturm
  364. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Highland infantry with kilts
  365. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Hungarian infantry
  366. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Imperial Japanese Paratroopers
  367. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Japanese Kokusan Armoured Car (Navy, 6×4)
  368. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Japanese Type 92 Heavy Tank
  369. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Marmon Harrington light tank
  370. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Matilda Scorpion tank
  371. Zweiter Weltkrieg: mixed set of wounded and fallen soldiers of all nations
  372. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Prisoners of War
  373. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Refugees
  374. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Russian Engineers and Sappers (1945 – Eastern Front)
  375. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Scientists at a weapons research facility
  376. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Soldiers on parade, guard, band, and colour guard of different nations.
  377. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Soviet A.A. guns in 1:76 scale
  378. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Soviet Artillery
  379. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Soviet field artillery, horse-drawn
  380. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Soviet T-60/T-70 glider tank with detatchable wings and tail
  381. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Spanish Legion on the Russian front
  382. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Swedish infantry in uniform m 36 (suitable for „what-if?“ games)
  383. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Swedish light tank strv 40 (suitable for „what-if?“ simulation games)
  384. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Swedish medium tank strv 42 (suitable for „what-if?“ simulation games)
  385. Zweiter Weltkrieg: US Infantry with Springfield Rifles (could be easily converted to Brazilian Infantry)
  386. Zweiter Weltkrieg: US MPs and SPs
  387. Zweiter Weltkrieg: US sailors, shore party in the Pacific Theatre of Operations
  388. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Vickers 6 tonner tank
  389. Zweiter Weltkrieg: Vickers medium tank

    New Proposals, not ranked by popularity yet
  390. Your suggestion for a new figure set or vehicle kit will be accepted via e-mail to editors@miniatures.de. Please submit only very specific proposals like „Zweiter Weltkrieg: British Cromwell Tank“ or „Napoleonische Kriege: Russische Husaren“, instead of asking for the „entire British Army of 1944“. We will present your specific product idea in an upcoming edition of the Wishlist. As we have seen, manufacturers will consider the most popular proposals and produce the figures we all want.

Wishlist 2005 – Every Vote Counts

Please tell us which three (3) of the proposed products you would like most: Your Vote is important. Write to editors@miniatures.de and use the subject „Wishlist 2005“. Military Miniatures Magazine forwards the updated edition of this Wishlist to manufacturers producing 1:72 and 1:76 scale miniatures and model kits. Many of your Wishlist suggestions have been considered, and we are seeing the desired products appear at stores now.

And the Winners are ...

When a previously unavailable range of figures and equipment is released as a result of the Military Miniatures Magazine Wishlist, everybody wins. Not surprisingly, manufacturers picked many of the top-ranked items on the M3 Wishlist, as can be seen in brackets behind these former product suggestions.

  • Italeri was the first to respond to the M3 Wishlist we presented to Faller/Italeri representatives at the International Toy Fair at Nürnberg, Germany. Several months later Italeri released the first and second place entries of our 1998 Wishlist.
    • Napoleonische Kriege: French General Staff (1st, 1998)
    • Napoleonische Kriege: French dragoons (2nd, 1998)
    • Napoleonische Kriege: French Horse Artillery of the Guard (26th, 1998)
    • Golden Horde Mongols (56th, 1998)
  • HäT Industrie has been particularly receptive to your 1998 Wishlist suggestions:
    • Napoleonische Kriege: French dragoons (2nd, 1998)
    • Napoleonische Kriege: Bavarian Line Infantry (3rd, 1998)
    • Napoleonische Kriege: Bavarian Light Infantry (3rd, 1998)
    • Republican Romans vs. Carthaginians (9th, 1998)
    • Napoleonische Kriege: Dutch/Belgian Infantry (10th, 1998)
    • Napoleonische Kriege: French grenadiers a cheval (16th, 1998)
    • Napoleonische Kriege: Russische Kosaken (32nd, 1998)
    • Napoleonische Kriege: Brunswick Infantry, 1815 (35th, 1998)
    • Napoleonische Kriege: Russian Dragoons (38th, 1998)
    • Keltische und numidische Reiterei (45th, 1998)
    • Roman cavalry (47th, 1998)
    • Napoleonische Kriege: French Line Chasseurs à Cheval (50th, 1998)
    • Napoleonische Kriege: Austro-Hungarian Cavalry (53rd, 1998)
    • War Elephant (61st, 1998)
    • Napoleonische Kriege: Russian Foot Artillery (106th, 1998)
    • Napoleonische Kriege: Russian Kürassiere (139th, 1998)
  • By chance or by design, several other manufacturer also met our modelling needs as indicated in the 1998 Wishlist:
    • Zulu Wars: Britisches Gatling-Geschütz und Protze (13th, 1998) – LEVA Productions
    • Alamo Texan and Mexican forces (25th, 1998) – IMEX
    • Zweiter Weltkrieg: Sturmtiger Tank (28th, 1998) – Motor Pool
    • Medieval Castle and Siege Towers (37th, 1998) – Vacu-Cast
    • Modern Wars: Russian T-72 Tank (48th, 1998) – ACE of Russia
    • Golden Horde Mongols (56th, 1998) – ZVEZDA
    • Zweiter Weltkrieg: Vehicle Stowage (64th, 1998) – LEVA Productions
    • Modern Wars: Leopard 2A5 (203rd, 1998) – Revell
    • Peninsular War: Brit. Infantry in Stovepipe Tschakos (219th, 1998)- Call to Arms

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