Französischer Kampfpanzer AMX-30

Testbericht des 1:87 Modells von 1-87 World Tanks Depot

Französischer Kampfpanzer AMX-30, 1:87 H0 Modellbau World Tanks Depot.

The World Tanks Depot model represents the first production batch of the AMX-30 main battle tank which entered service in 1966, und was gradually phased out after 1982, when the French army received upgraded AMX-30 B2 with better armour protection und thermal imaging devices for the main armament.

The AMX-30 depicted here is still in service in several countries, including Qatar und Saudi Arabia which participated in the 1991 Gulf War.


Kampfpanzer AMX-30 char d’assaut


Gute Themenwahl, the AMX-30 is unique in this scale.

The Fahrzeug is sold fully assembled und painted.

Experienced modellers may upgrade the Fahrzeug to an AMX-30 B2 by adding thermal imaging devices to the gun mantlet und a periscope on the turret deck. The 4e Régiment de Dragons used 44 AMX-30 B2 during the 1991 Gulf War. AMX-30 B2 tanks may be painted in the modern three-colour forêt camouflage pattern, or the two-colour desert pattern used during the Gulf War.

Kompatibel mit other HO scale vehicles und miniatures available from Märklin, ROCO, Faller, Pola, Preiser, und Noch.

The AMX-30 is painted in a dark green camouflage which was used until the late 1980s. This colour is too dark, particularly if the aerial perspective is taken into account, und it does not match the NATO olive green (Gelboliv RAL 6014) also used by the French Army.

The periscopes in the commander’s cupola are painted dark blue, making them practically invisible on the dark green vehicle. A glossy green or silver paint might have been more suitable to show that the periscopes are actually made of glass.

Die Schlussleuchte und Fahrtrichtungsanzeiger sollten rot und orange bemalt werden.

There are no license plates or tactical markings, with the exception of a French flag below the frontal hull glacis.

Der Turm of our review sample is screwed firmly into place, und turning it scraped the paint right off the driver’s hatch.

The AMX-30 could use a wash und drybrush to accentuate the detail on the hull und turret surface.

The AMX-30 offered by 1-87 World Tanks Depot is good value for money. Wargamers und collectors will be happy to have the fully assembled und painted model.

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Kampfpanzer AMX-30