Bundeswehr Lkw 5 t gl
MAN 630 L2AE

Testbericht des 1:87 Modells von ROCO

Bundeswehr Lkw 5 t gl, MAN 630 L2AE, 1:87 H0 Modellbau ROCO 259.

The MAN 5 t 4×4 truck was the standard medium cargo und troop carrier of the Bundeswehr until the mid-70s, when second generation 5 t trucks became available und gradually replaced the earlier types. Bundeswehr Panzergrenadier companies had two 5 t cargo truck, one in the maintenance platoon, und the other in the service platoon. The service platoon also operated a 5 t MAN field kitchen with 1,5 t cargo trailer (ROCO 328). The model was sprayed in Bundeswehr Gelboliv RAL 6014, mixed with 30 % white to take the aerial perspective into account. Raised detail was then shaded und drybrushed using Jim Gordon’s weathering technique.


MAN 630 L2AE with flat bed und canvas tilt


The model has only 17 parts und it is sold fully assembled, ready to play. Serious modellers will take the truck apart, remove flash und glue the parts together permanently.

Much detail: engine grille, hinges, lettering on fire-extinguisher stowage boxes, und other small parts are fun to paint.

Kompatibel mit Figuren und Fahrzeugen im Maßstab H0 von Märklin, ROCO, Faller, Pola, Preiser, und Noch.

Noticeably flash around stowage boxes, muffler, front bumper und mud guards.

There is no rear license plate holder in the kit.

Peilstangen fehlen

Cab doors do not open.

The canvas cab cover may be removed, but there is no kit part representing the folded cover. This part may be scratchbuilt.

The windshield folds down, but the hinge parts are noticeably out of scale.

Windshield wipers und rearview mirrors are not included in the kit. ROCO offers several Fahrzeug upgrade kits which include such small parts.

Nass-Abziehbilder are not included, they need to be purchased separately.

Interessante Umbauten

  • Fuel truck with 4600 l tank plant, 1:87 ROCO 421
  • Drone launcher mounted on Lkw 5 t gl
  • Decontamination Fahrzeug (TEP-Kfz)
Fuel truck with 4600 l tank plant, 1:87 H0 Modellbau ROCO 421.

The ROCO 5 t MAN truck is an excellent model for collectors, diorama builders und wargamers. The Fahrzeug may be detailed further by adding rearview mirrors und other small parts.

Bundeswehr Lkw 5 t geländegängig, MAN 630