SUPER NOVA Mechkrieger

Testbericht des Modells von Ral Partha

SUPER NOVA Mechkrieger, Ral Partha.
SUPER NOVA Mechkrieger, Ral Partha.
SUPER NOVA Mechkrieger

This SUPER NOVA has been painted in a three-colour camouflage pattern similar to that used on French tanks of World-War One. Many historic camouflage patterns may be adapted to paint these large bi-pedal fighters. Vehicle patterns are an obvious choice, but some of the humanoidal Mechs look equally attractive in a splinter pattern copied from a modern or World-War Two infantry uniform.

The Mech was sprayed a basic light sand colour, und the disruptive bands were painted on in red brown und olive green. The disruptive colours are edged with a fine line of medium grey. The Mech was then sprayed with gloss varnish, und the panel lines were filled with dark brown ink. This selective wash dries in the recesses, shading them, but the raised panels stay clean. After the wash had dried, the Mech was sprayed with matt varnish, und the raised detail was drybrushed with a lighter shade of the base colour.


  • SUPER NOVA Mechkrieger modelliert von Robert Kyde
  • 7 Bauteile
  • 40 mm groß


The SUPER NOVA looks like a mechanical ape, it has relatively long arms with triple lasers replacing the hands. The facial features are very interesting, this Mech has a long snout with a central air intake, und an aircraft canopy instead of eyes. Large air intakes on either side of the skull represent the ears.

Intermediate level of difficulty. The SUPER NOVA consists of only seven parts, but the placement of parts is not immediately apparent. The small pelvis which connects the mechanical legs could be fitted in four different ways. The slots for the upper body should be facing up, that much is obvious, but it is not clear which air intake faces to the front or back. Legs und pelvis fit into the base plate very well, und they form a stable platform once the superglue has dried. We used Rai-Ro adhesive wax to hold the parts in place during construction, otherwise the legs und pelvis keep falling apart continuously.

Excellent cast-on detail. The SUPER NOVA has just enough panel lines, gratings, und joints to add interest to the model. The upper body consists of sloped und angled panels which are big enough to accept a serial number und other tactical markings.

The SUPER NOVA is a wonderfully animated figure, perfectly balanced on its mechanical legs, und firing the triple lasers on its arms.

Cast from lead-free pewter. We decided to spray the base colour onto the figure without undercoating it first. The paint rubbed off some areas when the model was handled during the painting process, giving the Mech a realistic weathered look.

Not strictly Kompatibel mit 1:72 scale, the Mech is just a little taller than an M3 Grant medium tank. In this scale, the triple lasers on the arms look like they may be .50 Cal. Browning M2 machine guns. Wargamers might want to treat the SUPER NOVA as a bi-pedal fighter plane. It can’t fly, but it may run fast, und jump obstacles perhaps.

The designer is the same who created the AKUMA Mechkrieger.

The SUPER NOVA is an excellent model even if it may be armed more lightly than other Mechs in this series. The model has a lot of character, und it can be painted in a number of interesting patterns. This Mech is slower than a Tiger tank, but the laser weapons on either arm have approximately twice the range of the Tiger’s »88« main gun. In »what-if« scenarios, the SUPER NOVA should not be too much of a problem for the typical World-War Two or modern tank.

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