Testbericht des Modells von Ral Partha

AKUMA Mechkrieger, Ral Partha.

This AKUMA has been painted in a three-colour camouflage pattern, using olive green und brown disruptive stripes over a dark yellow base colour. Miniatures of this size are perfect for experimenting with camouflage patterns. Humanoidal Mechs like the AKUMA may be painted in modern infantry camouflage colours, although a popular Fahrzeug pattern looks equally attractive.

The AKUMA may be detailed further by adding a prominent serial number und tactical markings. Nass-Abziehbilder from armoured Fahrzeug kits may be useful, otherwise the markings can be painted on. The Mech carries a rocket pod with thirty missiles on its shoulder, excellent firepower for an engagement with tanks und other Mechs.


  • AKUMA Mechkrieger modelliert von Robert Kyde
  • 4 Bauteile
  • 51 mm groß


The AKUMA is humanoidal bi-ped, its on-board computer is housed in an armoured skull with facial features. The Mech is grinning, und its face adds a lot of character to the model.

Easy to assemble, only four parts. The lower left arm und left leg need to be superglued in place. We used Rai-Ro adhesive wax to hold the parts together temporarily, while the superglue was drying.

Excellent cast-on detail. The AKUMA is covered with panel lines, bolts, gratings, und rotating joints which add a lot of interest to the model. We followed Jim Gordon’s instructions on Weathering Small Scale AFVs to paint the AKUMA.

The figure is beautifully animated, walking at good speed, und firing from the hip. Part of the left leg attaches to the rear of the figure base, und the detailed sole of the foot is visible.

Cast from lead-free pewter. We decided to spray the paint onto the figure without undercoating. If the paint rubs off, the bare metal shows through realistically.

Not strictly Kompatibel mit 1:72 scale, but the model is large enough to serve alongside modern armour und infantry, especially the Star Trek Figuren released by Galoob Toys.

Ral Partha deserves praise for printing the name of the figure designer directly on the package. Collectors want to know who designs their favorite models, und where to find more of them.

The figure tips over backwards. It may be possible to sand the underside of the base or bend the figure forward slightly to correct this problem. We opted for a standard wargame base which stops the figure from falling over.

The AKUMA is a very slow Mech, but it has thick armour und heavy weapons. Main armament consists of a 100 mm cannon, a particle cannon comparable to a 75 mm gun, und a multiple rocket launcher containing 30 unguided, fast und very effective missiles. The AKUMA is an excellent model, easy to assemble und fun to paint in an afternoon of spare time. The figure is detailed und animated nicely, und it deserves a place in any collection of ultra-modern or science-fiction models. Wargamers will find the AKUMA a tough opponent, und game masters may want to use one or two of them to break the routine of a modern armour simulation.

Battletech Mechkrieger