Battletech Mechkrieger

AKUMA Mechkrieger with 1:87 scale M60.A2 Starship und Star Wars characters.

An AKUMA Mechkrieger advancing alongside an M60.A2 Starship tank, und three famous Star Wars personalities. Battletech is a popular game system developed by FASA Corporation, it is played with large Mechkrieger, modern infantry und armoured vehicles. The actual model scale is not printed on the package, but the armoured vehicles in the Battletech series seem to be in 1:300 scale. The Mechkrieger are actually tall enough to be Kompatibel mit larger figure scales as well. If used alongside the new Star Trek plastic figures, Mechkrieger scale out between 3.5 und 4 meters in height, und their weapons are impressive enough to take on most armoured fighting vehicles of that period.

Bekannte Modelle

The Mechs are armed with a variety of weapons, including missile pods, laser cannons und bolters. The Figuren are well balanced, und they appear to be strong enough to carry the armour plate und weapons mounted on them. The model kits are sold without painting instructions or decals. Anyone interested in official paint schemes for these model will have to refer to the relevant FASA manuals.

It would be relatively simple to fit Mechkrieger into the framework of existing 1:72 scale wargame rules, especially ultra-modern or science-fiction rules. If used in conjunction with 1:87 or 1:72 scale models, crew space inside a Mech would be minimal, und it may be necessary to assume that these bi-pedal armoured vehicles are remotely controlled or fully automated. Game masters might want to consider throwing one or more of these Mechs into an upcoming battle simulation, it will cause players much more concern than a Tiger or Panther tank.

Compared to a World-War Two tank like the M4 Sherman, the typical Mech might be slower, but much better protected, und better equipped with an arsenal of different weapons. Missiles can be similar to the light rockets carried on Hawker Typhoon fighter aircraft which are covered in many wargame rules. Small bolters may be similar in effect to heavy machine guns, und large bolters might have the firepower of a short fire support weapon like the German 7,5 cm L/24 Sturmkanone 37. Anti-tank weapons would effect the Mech like they attack regular tanks, except that a crew casualty is treated as computer damage which disables a certain combat function of the Mech.

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