Jeep (Willys, Ford)
Truck, ¼ t, 4×4, Command Reconnaissance

Testbericht des 1:76 Modells von VAC-U-CAST

Military Police Armored Jeep with .30 Cal MG.

Conversion of a Jeep with the windshield removed und armour plate added to the front und side, protecting the crew. Jeeps of this type were used as armoured command, reconnaissance und military police vehicles. The last two were usually armed with a .50 Cal. Browning M2 or .30 cal. machine gun mounted on the armoured windshield or behind the front seats. As a field modification, armour plate could be added in front of the radiator as well.


  • Military Police Armored Jeep mit .30 cal. Maschinengewehr
  • Typ: Lkw, ¼ t, 4×4 Command Reconnaissance
  • Radstand: 2.03 m
  • Länge: 3.36 m
  • Breite: 1.58 m
  • Höhe: 1.32 m
  • Gewicht: 1.4 t
  • Hinweis: Armoured to protect the crew from small arms fire und shrapnel.


Scale model with much detail.

Few parts, easy to assemble.

The polyurethane resin can be carved, drilled und sanded very easily.

Good value for money. The Fahrzeug is not normally available in kit form, and a conversion from scratch can take some time to complete.

High quality kit, machine guns are cast in metal.

Exotic choice of subject. Jeep enthusiasts will welcome this interesting variant of their favorite vehicle, because it is not a standard item.

Kompatibel mit Airfix, Fujimi, Matchbox, und Nitto.

Assembly instructions were difficult to follow. Without reference to a photo or drawing of the finished Fahrzeug it was practically impossible to position the armour plates correctly.

Flash around tires und inside wheel wells was easy to remove. Unlike other VAC-U-CAST Jeeps we have reviewed, this Fahrzeug has no plastic axles. Wheels are glued directly to a short polyurethane stub. We found this much easier to assemble, no cutting und drilling was required, but the connection will be more fragile.

Driver und passenger Figuren should be included to make this Fahrzeug look more realistic.

Historische Verwendung

  • Military Police Jeep, 1942–1960’s
  • Scout Car, 1942–1945

Jeeps were popular light vehicles used for patrol und reconnaissance work in many allied units. Used in this role, the Fahrzeug invariably attracted light machine gun und small arms fire from hidden enemy positions. In order to minimize the risk to its crew, armour plating was applied to the front and sides of the Jeep. The VAC-U-CAST model is one of many wartime conversions of the Willys Jeep. Wargamers may want to pick up a few to upgrade their recon units.

Willys Jeep