Tarnanstriche für Panzer, Radfahrzeuge, und Geschütze der italienischen Armee im Zweiten Weltkrieg, 1935–1945

Italian camouflage schemes.

It is important to remember, that the table lists the closest model color matches for a particular standard color applied to an actual vehicle, not a model of the same. In order to paint a 1:72 scale model of a particular vehicle, the scale color effect needs to be taken into account. As a rule, matching model colors should be mixed with 10–30 % white in order to arrive at the scaled down Fahrzeug base color. Approximately 40–50 % white is recommended for drybrushing the highlights. For a detailed painting guide, please refer to Weathering Vehicles, by Jim Gordon.

Italian Camouflage Colours

Farbe Humbrol Revell Testors Tamiya Gunze Pactra
Grey-Green 75 (?)
Infantry temperate uniform colour. The Italian figure manufacturer MIRLITON recommends Vallejo Model Colours № 979 or № 897 as the best match for Italian temperate uniforms.
Sand 2110
Colonial Fahrzeug base colour, or disruptive pattern applied over the olive green base colour.
Dark Brown 2111
Vehicle disruptive pattern applied over sand or olive green base colours. Schmincke caput mortuum deep pastel chalk № 17024068B works very well if applied over a sand base coat.
Olive Green 2112
Temperate Fahrzeug base colour.
Blue Grey 2113
Aircraft Colour

* Also available as acrylic paint.

Please refer to the Italian Fahrzeug catalog for more information about camouflage patterns, und markings.

Figuren der Italienischen Armee im Zweiten Weltkrieg