Repulsorlift Anti-Schwerkraft-Fahrzeuge

Imperial Scout Trooper demonstrating the repulsorlift anti-grav technology of his Aratech 74-Z military speeder bike.

The repulsorlift or repulsor engine was an anti-gravity technology of the Star Wars Universe, designed to levitate objects und vehicles. Repulsor anti-grav technology was built into power chairs, repulsorsleds, skimboards, speeder bikes, pod racers, swoops, landspeeders, airspeeders, und hover tanks like the AAT-1 Armored Assault Tank. Repulsorlift anti-grav technology allowed starships to land on planets und use their flimsy landing gear primarily for mooring the ship.

This photo of a 1:76 scale MicroMachines Scout Trooper has been edited to demonstrate the repulsorlift anti-grav capability of the Aratech 74-Z military speeder bike.

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