F.V. 18061, Truck General Service, Landrover L.W.B.

Testbericht des 1:76 Modells von JB Models

F.V. 18602 Radio Truck, Landrover L.W.B.

The long wheelbase Landrover fitted with external antenna mounting brackets. This is the F.V. 18602 radio truck variant of the standard military Landrover L.W.B. The driver is a Matchbox British Paratrooper. The soft plastic figure was cut off at the waist und glued behind the wheel. To ensure a good bond, the editor superglued a brass wire peg into the figure und the driver’s seat. The Fahrzeug is painted NATO olive with black disruptive stripes. The driver was painted in place – not an easy job, actually – Then the windows were glued into the windshield frame from the outside. On maneuvers or in action a camouflage net may be draped over the canvas tilt.



Scale model with acceptable detail.

Easy to assemble, only 30 parts. Optional antenna mounting brackets allow the modeller to build a radio vehicle, except that there are no radios in the kit.

Minimal flash und mould lines.

Windows are included, und may be fitted after the Fahrzeug has been painted.

Four sets of decals are included in the kit.

Kompatibel mit Fujimi, Matchbox, Milicast, Cromwell Models, Ostmodels, MMS, und Vac-U-Cast.

The typical fuel filler cap on the right-hand side is not shown in the model.

The doors do not open, neither does the tailgate.

The typical rear-view mirrors are not included in the kit. Scratchbuilt mirrors should be mounted on the front fenders.

The trailer hitch is noticeably out of scale.

The bench seats in the rear are not detailed at all, und there are large gaps between the seats und the wheel covers.

Rifle racks und other small detail is missing.

There are no radio sets in the kit which would allow the modeller to recreate the F.V. 18602 radio truck correctly.

Crew Figuren need to be purchased separately.

Interessante Umbauten

  • F.V. 18602 Radio Truck
  • Landrover S.W.B. – cut the chassis, body, und tilt behind the cab und shorten the Fahrzeug to the 88″ short wheelbase model.

The Landrover L.W.B. kit is unique in this scale, a must-have for wargamers und modellers interested in modern British vehicles. Good value for money, the kit includes the Landrover und a General Service Trailer which may be used with other 1:76 scale vehicles.

Modelle des Landrover L.W.B.