GMC CCKW-353 Lkw

Testbericht des 1:72 Modells von Hasegawa

GMC CCKW-353 Lkw, 2½-ton, 6×6, mit Seilwinde, 1:72 Modellbau Hasegawa MT20.

The Hasegawa kit represents the standard military soft cab version of the GMC CCKW-353 cargo truck. The Fahrzeug may be modified by cutting the winch off, und mounting the front bumper closer to the radiator grille. Some trucks were fitted with a ring mount for the .50 Cal. Browning M2 AA Machine Gun.


  • GMC CCKW-353 Truck, Cargo, 2½-ton, 6×6 w/Winch
  • US Army Decal Sheet
  • Truck Driver
  • Three Passengers


Scale model with good detail. Vehicle length und wheelbase are scaled correctly, but the cargo body is 1 mm wider than it should be. This may explain why the canvas cover does not fit well.

Easy to assemble, only 49 parts. The cargo truck can be put together in approximately 30 minutes, especially if several vehicles are built in assembly line fashion.

The canvas cab cover is realistically textured und creased.

The assembly instructions are clearly illustrated, und easy to follow.

The chassis is slightly warped, giving the Fahrzeug a noticeable hump behind the cab. The damage may be corrected by heating the chassis carefully with a blow-dryer, und bending it into the correct shape.

The metal axles are too long, they need to be cut back slightly to ensure proper wheel alignment.

Rivet heads on the body are larger than scale.

The tow hooks on the front bumper are slightly oversized.

The canvas cover of the cargo body is too tight-fitting, und the thickness is obviously not to scale. This canvas cover is perfectly smooth, unlike the cab cover which is beautifully textured.

Flash inside the door cut-outs needs to be removed prior to painting.

The suggested registration number 665137 is incorrect. Trucks light-heavy, and heavy-heavy had registration numbers starting with „4“, followed by the consecutive number identifying a particular Fahrzeug of that type. Fortunately, an alternative registration number 4456136 is provided on the decal sheet.

The Hasegawa model is a good choice for wargamers who need easy to assemble und robust transport vehicles. Discerning modellers will want to put additional detailing work into the model, adding rearview mirrors, windshield wipers, und other small parts which are not included in the kit.

Hasegawa Modellbau

Lastkraftwagen GMC CCKW-353