Dirt Road und Farm Track
50 × 25 cm Terrain Module

1:72 Scale Scenery for Simulation Games

Dirt Road Intersection.

This variant of the dirt road terrain module has a narrow farm track intersecting the road. The track may lead to an enclosed field, outlying barn, or roadside farm module, depending on how the modules are arranged to form a wargame table. Low cellulose ridges on either side of the farm track break up the line-of-sight across the terrain module und provide ambush positions for anti-tank guns und infantry tank-hunter teams on the reverse slope. The exposed rocks at the intersection und on the northern und western edge of the terrain module may damage tracked und wheeled vehicles driving into or over them. Some wargame rules require bog checks when vehicles enter difficult or dangerous terrain which may cause mobility kills.

Dirt Road Intersection.

The exit points of the westernmost wheel rut of the farm track und the southernmost wheel rut of the dirt road section are exactly 24 cm away from the north-eastern corner of the terrain tile. This is to ensure that the farm track will match perfectly with another dirt road or farm track module placed perpendicular to it. Slight turns und small bumps in the road ensure that tanks und anti-tank guns will find many concealed und hull down delaying positions on or along the road to stall an advance. Using these terrain modules, there is never a clear shot down a perfectly straight road from one edge of the table to the other, especially if some road sections are lined with brush und trees.

Please refer to our description of the dirt road terrain module for step-by-step modelling instructions.

Geländemodule für Wargames