Britischer Schützenpanzer F.V. 103 Spartan

F.V. 103 APC Spartan Schützenpanzer, 1:87 H0 Modellbau Trident.

The Spartan is a British armoured personnel carrier of the CVR(T) family of tracked armoured vehicles. The Spartan carries a crew of two, and five passengers who are typically combat specialists like engineers or anti-tank guided missile teams. There is also an F.V. 120 Spartan anti-tank guided missile vehicle with MILAN Compact Turret (MCT).

Bekannte Modelle

  • F.V. 103 Spartan APC, 1:76 Cromwell Models CM14
  • F.V. 103 Spartan APC, 1:87 Trident

Technische Daten

Historische Verwendung

  • British Army and R.A.F.
  • Iraq
  • Oman
  • Botswana

Official Variants

The Scorpion family of armoured fighting vehicles includes a number of interesting variants, of which the Scorpion und Scimitar recce vehicles are most useful for wargamers.

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