Fire and Fury House Rules

Kompatibel mit Fire and Fury Wargame Rules

Fire and Fury Wargame in Progress.

Fire and Fury is one of the most realistic and playable American Civil War simulation games on the market today. Many players appreciate the historic look and feel of the simulation, the attention to important detail so often neglected in other game systems, and the clarity of the rules themselves. Not surprisingly, there are many house rules available which may give the player an even more interesting game to play. Most of these house rules are designed to enhance the game, add detail and prepare an interesting campaign background, there are hardly any rule bugs to fix.

Variable Unit Generation Tables

Variable Unit Generation Tables may be used in conjunction with army level campaign games like HOUSE DIVIDED, where the basic maneuver element is a division of infantry or cavalry. Players refer to the variable generation method when a previously unengaged division enters combat for the first time.

Variable Terrain Generation Table

The Variable Terrain Generation Table reduces the unrealistic bird’s-eye view of the table-top general. What looks like a wood well behind enemy lines may turn out to be just an orchard once it is scouted by friendly troops. Rivers may be fordable, but the ford has to be located first. Ridges may be steeper than expected, hampering the movement of artillery. These and other terrain effects should not be known to the player unless his side has scouted the battelfield.

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