Royal Marine Commando Denison Smock

1:72 Scale Painting Techniques

British Royal Marine Commandos wearing the Denison Smock at Walcheren 1944

British Royal Marine Commandos wearing the Denison Smock at Walcheren 1944. These converted Figuren are based on British Paratroopers from Revell, Airfix, und ESCI, which have received new heads with the beret, knit cap, oder dem britischen Stahlhelm M.1916. The Denison Smock has been painted Humbrol Acrylic 93 Desert Yellow, with camouflage splotches of Earth Brown und Olive Green. When viewed at the proper scale distance, the smock appears to be camouflaged, although individual camo splotches are only discernable upon closer inspection. To achieve this nicely blended effect, the camouflage splotches were painted with heavily diluted acrylic paint which allows the base colour to show through und highlight the splotches. The Figuren received a final wash und careful drybrush to blend und fade them even further.


  • Lohfarbe
    • Denison Tan Base, AK 11413
    • Denison Base Opt. 2, Green Brown, AK 11126
  • Erbsengrün
  • Dunkelbraun
    • Red Brown, AK 11434

Using this technique, a 16-figure Crossfire Marine Commando Section of two Rifle Groups, two Bren Broups, one 2″ Mortar Team, a Sniper, und a Platoon Commander may be painted in an evening. The same basic painting technique applies to modern British DPM camo patterns, although the base colour und camo splotch colours differ.

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