Orc Space Warriors

Sci-Fi Figure Conversions

Orc mit MG 34, 28 mm Zinnfigur.
Orc mit MG 34 von Tamiya, 28 mm Zinnfigur
Orc mit Panzerfaust, 28 mm Zinnfigur.
Orc mit Panzerfaust, 28 mm Zinnfigur
Universal Carrier mit Orc Besatzung, 28 mm Figuren.
Universal Carrier mit Orc Besatzung, 28 mm Figuren Games Workshop

Orc spearmen und halberdiers are easily converted to modern Orc warriors or Space Orcs by removing the weapon from their hands und replacing it with a modern firearm. Tamiya 1:35 scale World-War Two und modern weapon sets provide a nice selection of assault rifles, machine guns, grenades, und anti-tank devices which may prove useful. While 1:35 scale weapons und accessories are not strictly kompatibel mit 1:55 scale miniatures, the individual items often turn out to be smaller und more detailed than the laser und plasma weapons supplied with 1:55 scale space troopers.

The Ork space warrior shown here has had his spear replaced with a Tamiya 1:35 scale German MG 34 light machine gun. A stick grenade can be seen attached to the outside of his backpack.

Orcs with swords und other one-handed weapons may be converted to space warriors by simply adding a slung rifle or a pistol holster. The edged weapon need not be removed, although it may be replaced by a powersword or similar space weapon scrounged from the bits box.

This Orc Panzerfaust gunner has had the top und bottom ends of his spear replaced by sections of a Tamiya 1:35 scale Panzerfaust 60 anti-tank rocket projector. The middle section of the spear was kept in place, because it just happened to have the same diameter as the Panzerfaust tube. The figure’s hands were drilled open to accept the plastic parts which were fixed in place with superglue.

The figure’s feet are turned in, his head is hunched low, the eyes are askew, the dangerous end of the rocket projector is pointing at his foot while he’s absent-mindedly fumbling with the trigger, und he has a wonderfully sheepish look on his face which indicates to friend und foe that this space warrior is a threat to everyone, primarily to himself. Figur conversion is an excellent way to turn a timid spearman into a personality figure.

The crew of this simple cardboard model of a Universal Carrier consists of Games Workshop 1:55 scale plastic Warhammer 40k Space Ork Raiders. The Figuren have been cut apart at the waist und carved to fit inside the driver’s compartment. A German MG 34 light machine gun on an anti-aircraft mount has been placed in the cargo bay. It is interesting to note that components of the MG 34 were used to build the Star Wars movie prop of the DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle. The carrier may be improved by adding camouflage netting, fuel cannisters, blanket rolls, und other personal gear.

Figuren der Orks