Figuren-Neuheiten 1998

Figuren, Fahrzeuge und Zubehör



  • Battlestorm, 25+ mm Ral Partha Publishing 14-001 ($29.95).
    Medieval fantasy battle system (scale is „legendary“) -- In a miniature game it’s impossible to move more than one unit at a time, but Battlestorm plays fast und deadly with near real time action und reaction. To simulate simultaneous movement, Battlestorm uses a simple table-free combat system that requires an attacker to declare any melee combat BEFORE he moves. This way the opponent has the option of counter-attacking, fleeing or even attacking some other unit. Combat can fire off an exciting chain reaction that suddenly draws many units into the fray. These explosion of carnage are called Battlestorms, und they often mean a battle can hinge on a few critical decisions. (RPP)

Napoleonische Kriege

  • French General Staff 1815, 1:72 Italeri 6016
  • French Dragoons 1815, 1:72 Italeri 6015

Amerikanischer Bürgerkrieg

  • Union Cavalry, 1:72 Italeri 6013
  • Confederate Infantry, 1:72 Italeri 6014

1. Weltkrieg

  • Nieuport 11 (Bebé), 1:72 Toko
  • Aviatik-Berg D1, 1:72 Toko
  • Hansa Brandenburg D1, 1:72 Toko
  • Hansa Brandenburg W29, 1:72 Toko
  • Pfalz D XII, 1:72 Toko 72119
  • Siemens Schuckert D III, D IV, 1:72 Toko 72116
  • Sopwith Snipe, 1:72 Toko
  • Sopwith 1½ Strutter, 1:72 Toko

2. Weltkrieg

  • Italian Infantry (North Africa 1942), 20 mm MIRLITON BIT.5
  • Italian Infantry HMG Team with 8 mm Fiat (Revelli) 1914/M.35 (North Africa 1942), 20 mm MIRLITON IIGM.30
  • Italian Paratroopers with MAB (North Africa 1942), 20 mm MIRLITON IIGM.31
  • 47 mm L/35.8 Breda 47/32 Modello 35 Panzerabwehrkanone und Crew (North Africa 1942), 20 mm MIRLITON IIGM.33
  • Yugoslav Hurricane Mk.IIC, 1:72 Hasegawa AP147
  • German Dewoitine D-520(f), 1:72 Hasegawa AP151
  • Focke Wulf Fw 200 A Transporter (1937), 1:72 Revell 04309
  • Caproni CA-311, 1:72 Italeri 113

Kalter Krieg

Werkzeug und Bastelmaterial

  • R1 FAST CAST 891, GOLDENWEST MFG., Inc. ($ 28.00)
    Rigid, off white, 2-part, urethane casting resin for small und medium parts, no odor. 2 Quart Kit.
    BUTTER-BOARD is a light weight plastic block that is non-abrasive und very easy to machine or work with hand tools. This plastic can be hand sanded with 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper to a nice smooth sheen prior to painting. #R1/BB is a good alternative to machineable wax as it is physically stronger und less likely to break, especially on thin wall areas down to 1/16″ thick. A liquid R1/BB Premix system is also available.

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