Schützenpanzerwagen BTR-152.K

Testbericht des 1:72 Modells von ICM

Sowjetischer Schützenpanzerwagen BTR-152, 1:72 Modell ICM 72521.

ICM und OMEGA-K kits of the BTR-152.K seem to be identical to the model originally produced by MAC Automodelle. The completed ICM model shown here is a BTR-152.V1, i.e. it has been built without the armoured roof. The Fahrzeug is sprayed in a matt dark green base colour with disruptive stripes in light sand colour. The box art also shows a Syrian BTR-152 with dark green base colour und leather brown stripes. The wheel hubs are painted black, but photos of East German BTR-152s show wheel hubs in the Fahrzeug base colour. An Antenna should be mounted on the right side of the vehicle, und 1:72 scale crew Figuren may be placed inside the fighting compartment.


  • Schützenpanzerwagen BTR-152.K mit Panzerdach
  • 7,62 mm Maschinengewehr
  • Abziehbilder

Wargamers will want a platoon of motorized infantry mounted in BTR-152.V1 or BTR-521.K with armoured roof. Buy the armoured roof version, und leave the roof off if a BTR-152.V1 is needed.

Schützenpanzerwagen BTR-152.K