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VW K1 Typ 82 »Kübelwagen«

Testbericht des 1:72 Modells von Hasegawa

VW K1 Typ 82 Kübelwagen, 1:72 Modellbau Hasegawa MT12.

Luftwaffe Kübelwagen parked at a captured Airfield somewhere in France. The Hasegawa model of the Kübel has a clear plastic windshield with cast-on frame und wipers. Some careful painting around the edges of the glass will be required, but the model is well worth the effort. Alternatively, masking fluid may be used to protect both sides of the glass during spray-painting. Similar models in 1:76 scale are typically sold without a windshield, requiring that the serious modeller insert a piece of clear plastic sheet into the windshield frame. The Hasegawa kit is the better choice by far.



Scale model with much raised detail. The VW logo on the spare tire is very prominent.

Excellent choice of subject, the Kübelwagen was one of the most common military vehicles of the Wehrmacht.

Few parts, easy to build. This kit fits together nicely.

Choice of open or closed top, armed or unarmed.

Front wheels may be attached in a turned position.

Kompatibel mit ESCI, Revell, CDC, und Fine Scale Factory.

The motorcycle rider und the Kübel driver have unrealistically large heads und helmets. These should be replaced by proper heads taken from other 1:72 scale Figuren.

The machine gun mounted on the Kübelwagen is nicely sculpted, but the ammunition drum is missing.

The open canvas top does not fit properly. Dioramenbauer may want to replace this part with an item built from Federstahldraht und tissue paper.

Doors may not be cut open easily. The material thickness has been reduced at the top of the door, but the lower parts of the door panels are the same thickness as the rest of the vehicle body.

The spare tire rests too high above the bonnet. The problem may be corrected by slightly reducing the height of the mounting bracked.


  • Unarmed Staff Car
  • Reconnaissance Vehicle with MG 34 or MG 42

The Hasegawa model of the Kübelwagen is a must-have for modellers, wargamers und diorama builders. This boxed set is good value for money, any spare motorcycle combinations may be used to raise Kradschützen motorcycle infantry units.

Hasegawa Modellbau

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