Napoleon’s Italian and Neapolitan Troops

Osprey Men-At-Arms Series 88

Napoleon’s Italian and Neapolitan Troops, Osprey Men-At-Arms Series 88.

The Republican French were active in the export of revolution, and in 1796–1800 Napoleon saw that the inhabitants of northern Italy were ripe for conversion to the cause. French victories in 1798 and 1800 secured his hold on the area, and he at once began reorganising the many small states which then made up the territory of Italy into units more suitable for his military and dynastic ambitions. Otto von Pivka explores the organisation, history and uniforms of the Italian troops who fought under the Emperor during the Napoleonic Wars.


  • Titel: Napoleon’s Italian and Neapolitan Troops
  • Epoche: Napoleonische Kriege
  • Typ: Uniformkunde
  • Autor: Otto von Pivka
  • Illustrator: Mike Chappell
  • Format: 40-page book
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Verlag: Osprey Publishing, London, England
  • ISBN: 0850453038
  • Publiziert: 1979


  1. Introduction
  2. The Italian Army, 1796–1814
  3. Uniforms of the Italian Army
  4. The Neapolitan Army
  5. Uniforms of the Neapolitan Army
  6. Battle History
  7. The Plates
    • Private of Grenadiers, Italian Legion, 1800
    • Trooper, Chasseurs à Cheval, Italian Legion, 1800
    • Officer of Italian Grenadiers, walking out dress, 1806
    • Grenadier of Italian Guard, parade dress, 1806
    • Pioneer Sergeant, Grenadiers, Italian 1st Line Infantry, 1806
    • Drummer, Fusiliers, Italian Line Infantry, 1806
    • Trooper, Italian 1st Chasseurs à Cheval, 1806
    • Private of Grenadiers, Bataillon Septinsulaire, 1808
    • Corporal of Carabiniers, Dalmation Infantry Regiment, 1811
    • Lieutenant colour-bearer, Neapolitan 5th Line
    • Officer, Neapolitan Horse Artillery of the Line, 1808–1814
    • Drummer of Chasseurs, Neapolitan 1st Light Infantry, 1810–1811
    • Private of Fusiliers, Regiment Illyrien, 1811
    • Voltigeur, 2nd Velites(?) of the Neapolitan Guard, 1812–1815
    • Gunner, Horse Artillery of the Neapolitan Guard
    • Drum major, Grenadiere of the Neapolitan Guard
    • Corporal, 2nd Velites of the Neapolitan Guard, 1812–1813
    • Driver, Artillery Train of the Neapolitan Guard, 1812–1815
    • Kettledrummer, Chevau-légers of the Neapolitan Guard, 1811–1815

This edition of the Osprey Men-at-Arms Series is an excellent resource for wargamers and figure painters interested in recreating the Italian or Neapolitan Army of the Napoleonic Wars in miniature. The Neapolitan Army, in particular, was small enough to be completely manageable for beginning and experienced figure painters alike. Neapolitan troops were magnificently dressed, and the army contained a relatively large guard component which shared many of the uniform features of the French Imperial Guard. Despite their splendid appearance, the combat record of the Neapolitan army was well below average, and wargamers will be hard-pressed to win battles with these troops.

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