Greek Life in the Acropolis

Testbericht der 1:72 Figuren von Nexus / Atlantic

Greek Life in the Acropolis, 1:72 Figuren Nexus Atlantic 1804.

Greece is considered the cradle of western civilization. Since a very early age, an advanced political und philosophical culture developed in this country, which in the 5th century b.C. culminated in the „golden age“. An exceptional flourishing of the arts, craft, und culture. The center of Greek life was the polis, the city-state. The Acropolis citadel was also the center of religious life, which for the Greeks had mostly social, rather than spiritual meaning. Still, oracles und sacrifices were widely worshipped in Greece. While Greece was conquered, first by the Macedons und later by the Romans, its cultural heritage survived, und conquered its conquerors.


40 Figuren in 7 Posen – 24,5 mm entsprechen 176 cm Körpergröße

  • Priester im Himation, ein Lamm opfernd (8)
  • Priester mit Stab (8)
  • Hoplit mit Speer und Aspis (4)
  • Griechische Frau im Himation, sitzend (8)
  • Griechische Frau im Chiton, liegend (4)
  • Griechischer Mann, liegend (4)
  • Sklavin (4)
  • Altar mit Opferlamm (8)
  • Hocker (8)
  • Bett (4)
  • Bett (4)
Greek Life in the Acropolis, 1:72 Nexus Atlantic 1804.
Greek Life in the Acropolis, 1:72 Nexus Atlantic 1804.
Greek Life in the Acropolis, 1:72 Nexus Atlantic 1804.


Excellent choice of subject, these Greek women und men will be very useful for dioramas.

Good value for money, the set includes enough figures, beds und altars for several different dioramas of Greek life.

The painting examples on the box cover are an inspiration to miniature painters.

Kompatibel mit ESCI, und Italeri.

The Figuren are exceptionally tall, especially considering the fact that ancient peoples were much shorter than we are today.

Historische Verwendung

Interessante Umbauten

  • Einige der Figuren können als Römer und andere Menschen der Antike bemalt werden.

The Atlantic Figuren are a must-have for wargamers und diorama builders interested in the ancient Egyptians.

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