105 mm Feldhaubitze M2.A1

ROCO 1:87 Scale Artillery Review

105 mm Feldhaubitze M2.A1, 1:87 H0 Modellbau ROCO 183

This abandoned field howitzer has been painted flat olive drab (FS 34087) to represent a weapon used by the Forces Françaises Libres (FFL) from 1943 to 1945. The model requires no assembly, it is sold ready to play, although serious modellers may detail the weapon further to add visual appeal. Suitable gunners may be converted from old Airfix US Marines which are small enough to match the 1:87 scale howitzer. The howitzer und crew will be mounted on a standard wargame base which may be used to represent French artillery from World War Two to Indochina und beyond. French field howitzers of this type are featured in Pierre Schoendoerffer’s film The Battle of Diên Biên Phú which dramatically portrays the French Stalingrad of May 1954.


105 mm Feldhaubitze M2.A1


The model has only 8 parts und is sold fully assembled, ready to play.

The split trails und elevating mechanism are working parts.

The cast-on detail is very accurate und paints well.

Kompatibel mit HO scale model railroad equipment und Figuren by Märklin, ROCO, Faller, Pola, Preiser, und Noch.

Noticeably flash on the pneumatic tires needs to be sanded off prior to painting.

The ROCO logo und large capital letters on the howitzer trails should be carved or sanded off.

The muzzle should be drilled open to add realism.

The lower section of the howitzer shield would be folded up in the travelling position when the howitzer is being towed. Carefully separate the two sections of the shield und attach the lower section at a 90 degree angle.

Interessante Umbauten

  • 105 mm Field Howitzer (L) M2.A1/A2
    This NATO upgrade of the M2.A1 Field Howitzer features a longer barrel, muzzle break, turn signals und other minor modifications.

The ROCO field howitzer is a nicely detailed model which needs no assembly und paints up very well. ROCO HO scale models are not strictly Kompatibel mit 1:76 or even 1:72 scale military miniatures, but they are a relatively cheap und readily available source of equipment for the modern armour wargamer.

ROCO Modellbau

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105 mm Feldhaubitze M2.A1